“A Vintage Tale was a dream… Something that I aspired for while I was still living in Milan in 2015. My fantasy finally came to life in Singapore in 2018.”

The colourful wallpaper and vintage furniture frame the scene for this little boutique of treasures. A unique and magical place revolving around everything feminine.

A Vintage Tale holds a collection of clothing and accessories from the 50s to 90s. With archival pieces from iconic designers such as Dior, Chanel, Gucci, Versace… Along with that, we carry a range of precious vintage jewellery from historical brands like Trifari, Fendi, Prada…

However, what truly sets this store apart from everyone else is our abundant selection of symbolic models made from valuable fabrics and inimitable prints/ patterns.

We also hold a range of Home Fragrances crafted by Dr Vrajnes. These enchanting aromas pleases the olfactory senses, leaving an impressionable imprint in each of our clients memory…

All your senses are involved as you come to A Vintage Tale.Lastly, in 2020, “Carolina, Drink and Wine to go” was born. This Bar-A-Porter was created to heightened the shopping experience we provide to our customers. Where you can now admire and try our vintage collection, while sipping on your favourite cocktail!
We carry more than 25 labels of Gin, with a splendid selection of wine and champagne.

The Carolina Bar takes up a small bright pink corner of the boutique, inspired by the legendary 80s. We provide glassware and accessories that you can purchase so that you can be your very own bartender!

With all these distinctive factors, A Vintage Tale is a place that you can indulge yourself in the beauty of fashion and drink!

Ci vediamo!